5th August 2021

Project Spotlight – Belapur Creek HDD Crossing

Powercrete QC, R&D and Technical service teams in India recently completed a HDD project with new reinforced Powercrete DD technology for Mahangar Gas Ltd (MGL) on 850m of 8″ pipe.

This project executed by Bluegrass Technologies & Mahanagar Gas Limited overcame difficult challenges to install a new supply of compressed natural gas to the city of Mumbai, in particular, this facility will provide gas to the new Mumbai international airport.

The project required to install the 8” diameter pipe under the Belapur Creek at 29 meters deep. The biggest challenge of this project was time constraint. The contractor had only one opportunity to complete the project with no deviation.

The initial hydrological information detected an aggressive soil and giant granite boulders. In order to offer an impenetrable mechanical protection, the project selected POWERCRETE DD as mechanical protection coating.

POWERCRETE in India completed this perfect pull-trough project with a New Reinforced POWERCRETE DD Technology. The reinforced composite has enhanced flexibility and abrasion resistance.  The pipe emerged intact in an extremely rocky soil and difficult conditions. The pull through was completed without damage to the pipe and coating.

Seal For Life Technical Service and Quality Control was present during the project execution, offering advice to the contractor in completion of the project. The project started on November 2020 and it was completed on January 2021, finishing the project in a record time ahead of scheduled completion date.

POWERCRETE DD provided excellent protection is the most recognized brand in mechanical protection for pipelines in directional drill applications.

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